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Conceptualized, manufactured and developed in the city of Manila, Ivan is the man behind Old Manila Walks. He hold over two decades of experience working in the cultural field which includes being a heritage activist, museum docent, school instructor, features writer, occasional television personality, researcher, expert speaker, tour operator and just recently, a first-time book author. In between jobs, his found time to finish a master’s degree from the University of Santo Tomas, serve as a trustee for several cultural organizations and receive a cultural award by the municipal government of Manila . When not walking in Manila, he is out exploring the streets of the world.




Dear Guest,


Thanks for walking by. Due to Covid-19 and the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in Manila starting March 15, 2020, we are currently suspending all our tour activities until further notice. For the meantime, do email us for queries or drop by our Facebook page @oldmanilawalks for updates.


We’ll be running again soon – in healthier times and with cleaner walking shoes. Do walk by again!


Old Manila Walks

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