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The Big Binondo Food Walk: Nibbling Our Way Through Chinatown

Binondo Tour

Military strategies, enemy invasion, lost treasures and conspiracy theories - this is Corregidor, the island fortess by Manila Bay dubbed as ‘the Rock’. Today this peaceful memorial haunts us with the battle scars of yesteryears. Let’s hike past its once mighty guns and bombed-out ruins as we relive the tragedy that was the Second World War. From the rise and fall of the Japanese Empire (Banzai!) to the harrowing Death March, get to know it all in this walk filled with historical ironies, shrouded with seductive myths, deceptive propaganda and packed with explosive action!

Tour Route:
Island Lighthouse * Warship Flagpole* Senior Officers' / Bachelors' Barracks* Cine Corregidor* Mile Long Barracks*Battery Way *Old Hospital*Pacific War Memorial & Museum

Meet at the Sun Cruises Terminal at the C.C.P. Complex (beside the Coconut Palace)

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